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this really hits hrt artwork is really good, its shadows really help capture thw sence of the prison, and especially with their eyes, shows how criminals can have good in them, lol srry if i go overboard with this haha, i havent seen alot of art that is related to this so yea, also the artwork and dimensions are really good with slight errors near the legs but overall an exeptionall piece of artwork, it would also help show that anyone could end up in jail. this is my review, follow me on twitter @Ernestovalles4 and watch :) Good Job! Bye!
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SnowCatis12 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for the critique! 
I tried mostly to capture the way those characters act in the picture, which was mostly what I was going for so I'm glad you liked how they turned out ^_^
I also did try to show that they do have bad in them but the kind that is used to be in sort of, sitcom conflicts? I dunno, I see these three being in a sitcom XD
besides that, yeah I do need work on the legs (I personally didn't like them)
I think your critique is fair, hopefully I get to draw more of these characters in the future in different situations XD
again, thanks for the critique! Have a nice day :P
ssj2tails4ever Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
of course :) im glad i made your day :)
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